• Category: 16mm Film
  • Production: 2021
  • Distributon: Light Cone Paris (FR)
  • Format / Lenght: 10:27 min.


Film by Juliana Borinski & Guillaume Leingre.

Sound by Michael Sellam.

"SHOOT" is one of the most famous filmed performances in the history of art: it shows the young American artist Chris Burden being shot with a rifle. He is 25 years old. The scene is shot in Los Angeles. If "SHOOT" illustrates the artist's sacrifice to create his work, the performance is also part of a cultural fascination with violence - and with filmed violence. But the person who made the film ("to shoot"), and who took care of the artist, remains unknown: it is Barbara T. Smith, at the time Barbara Burden. She lives in Pasadena and remembers in 2018 the circumstances of the action.