Lux Ad Vitam Æternam

With the kindly support ofIthaque Paris (FR).

  • Medium: Photogram on Ilford Black & white RC paper 30,5 cm x 24 cm / 2021
  • Category: contemporary art / photography / NFT.

Working with cameraless photography and analogue image processes I’ve decided this year to join the NFT art community with some new exciting photographic works.

Historical image techniques intervening with the means of the future in the series LUX ad vitam æternam and are ready for NFT art collectors and contemporary art collectors looking for unique photography art works.

LUX ad vita æternam is a series of photograms taken with successive photographic development processes using solarization and photogram technique combined.

The title is a tribute to the latin expression : ad vita æternam that signifies eternal life.
It incorporates my wish for eternal life in the knowledge of light in photography and its endless possibilities to produce minimalist unique images.

Multiple analogue photographic image processes such as photograms using only photographic paper forms and solarization are used in the darkroom. These techniques intervene with the magic of analogue photography and black and white image process while using the blockchain - a digital surrogate in the crypto community. Each image of this series is a unique print made out of 3 stages of image development. Deeply toned images rarely possible to display in digital means I’ve decided to offer the NFT art works also as analogue photographic black & white prints.

Each original photogram is printed on RC Iilfordpaper and comes (unframed) + a jpg file. The whole series are 20 unique black and white photograms + their digital scan as jpg file. The first 6 will be released until december 31st 2021.



Lux Ad Vitam Æternam I / 30,5 cm x 24 cm / Photogram on Ilford RC Paper/ 2021

Lux Ad Vitam Æternam II / 30,5 cm x 24 cm / Photogram on Ilford RC Paper/ 2021

Lux Ad Vitam Æternam III / 30,5 cm x 24 cm / Photogram on Ilford RC Paper/ 2021