• Juliana Borinski LCD expanded Cinema Installation "LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) / 2008-2009
    Expanded Cinema installation, variable dimensions 4:3
    (slide projector, crystalline solution, glass slides) # 3 + 1"/ exhibition view "ISEA 2010" / MKK Dortmund (GER)/ 2010 / courtesy Juliana Borinski A few drops of a crystalline solution are placed on an empty slide in a customized projector. The crystallization's process and all its induced movements are projected live. Using the projector's heat, the reaction's time varies from 20 min to a few hours (depending on solution's concentration and temperature or humidity in the exhibition space). Each slide is replaced after stabilization of the "image".
    As a pure cinematic abstraction, LCD literally shows the phenomenon of crystallization. This principle is the chemical basis of picture's fixation in photography (an cinema by the way) and is also in use in modern computers or TV screens based on liquid crystals displays. Far from any technical application, LCD simply refers to contemplation and original magic of the ancient optical apparatus.