• Juliana Borinski"1+1=0" / wearable sculpture (unlimited edition) / 2009
    1+1=0, interrogates the creation and dissolution of value. By hybridizing exchange value objects (1euro coins) and luxury goods (jewels), the ar tist creates a third sphere of value. The destruction of money and of its related value, for the pleasure of turning it into a jewel, projects money on another side of value as such. Inside the very jewel is a competition between value systems: value of luxury, value of money, value of ar t. As objectual as it is, 1+1=0 remains a node of conflicts and continuities within whatever value can be. / courtesy Juliana Borinski
  • Juliana Borinski
    1+1=0 / wearable sculpture / view jewellery by artists Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery London 2014 / courtesy Juliana Borinski